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Exceptional Customer Service
Providing exceptional customer service is all about understanding why, how, and WIIFM, or “What’s In It For Me?” This course does not preach at attendees, nor does it rely on tired, overused customer service training techniques. Rather, it helps attendees understand the personal and professional benefits of providing exceptional customer service and gives them the tools to act. Using humor-based learning, attendees will leave this course excited, not insulted. Perfect for government, hotel, restaurant, and other service organizations.

“Exceptional Customer Service” addresses the following:

  • WIIFM–making the connection between exceptional customer service and lower stress levels, greater satisfaction, and better opportunity for advancement
  • Customer Service Skills–applying customer service methods
  • Defusing Anger–handling angry customers and using “recovery” techniques
  • Internal Customer Service
  • Telephone Skills–adeptly handling telephone clients
  • Game Plan–developing goals to activate and reinforce the training

Recommended course length: One or two days.


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