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E-Mail Etiquette
Office workers spend up to three hours a day writing and reading electronic mail (e-mail). E-mail is an affordable and efficient tool for communicating, but it also exposes its users to liability–legal and professional. This course teaches attendees how to get the most of this technology while also protecting themselves and their agencies from its hazards. 

“E-Mail Etiquette” addresses the following:

  • Message Ownership–who owns the copyright and what is considered a copyright violation
  • Federal Retention Guidelines–what to keep and how to keep it
  • Legal Issues–what is safe to download, what is not advisable, and what is illegal
  • Privacy Issues–Freedom of Information Act, in-house monitoring, and other privacy concerns
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of E-Mail–common sense, decorum, and etiquette in e-mail communication
  • E-Mail Vs. Snail Mail–the differences between e-mail and regular letter/memo writing
  • Voice Mail Etiquette–getting the most of voice mail while keeping customers happy
  • Game Plan–goals to activate and reinforce the training

Recommended course length: One-half to one day.


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