Course Offerings

Dynamic Public Speaking
Most Americans are more afraid of public speaking than they are of death, financial ruin, heights, and spiders. Yet, the ability to be a dynamic public speaker is rated among the top three skills for attaining professional success. These fun and fast-paced courses can be tailored to address your areas of need and your time constraints. 

Conquering Your Fear: Basic Public Speaking
Designed to help participants overcome their fear of public speaking, this course covers the basics in becoming a relaxed speaker, organizing a presentation or briefing, handling the audience, and becoming aware of body language. 

Finessing Your Skills: Advanced Public Speaking
This course is designed for people who still get pre-speaking jitters but are fairly experienced speakers. This reinforces ideas in the basic class, but tasks attendees to “finesse” their skills for dynamic and memorable presentations.

Both classes will address elements of the following:

  • The Fear Factor–learning to deal with fear using physical and psychological techniques
  • The Perfect Presentation–deciding on and using several presentation formats
  • Projection Power–learning to project, enunciate, and modulate
  • Public Rapport–honing rapport-building skills to help engage the audience
  • Visual Techniques–using visual aids intelligently and purposefully for the most impact
  • Game Plan–developing goals to activate and reinforce the training

Recommended course length: One to three days.


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