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De-Stressing Your Life & Finding Balance
Budget cuts and staff reductions have resulted in employees doing more with less. Add commutes, family commitments, deadlines, investments, and life’s myriad demands, and the potential for “stressed out” employees is great. De-Stressing Your Life & Finding Balance shows attendees how to handle life’s stressors and regain balance in their lives. 

“De-Stressing Your Life & Finding Balance” addresses the following:

  • Understanding Stress–learning what stress is and how it affects your physical and mental well being
  • Assessing Your Stress Level–knowing what stressors you are experiencing and gauging your ability to cope with them
  • Coping Techniques–learning to use physical, mental, spiritual, and other external techniques to cope with stress
  • Game Plan–developing goals to activate and reinforce the training

Recommended course length: One-half to one day.


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