Course Offerings

Writing Skills
Being able to write clearly is a critical skill for today’s employees. Attendees will get the “write stuff” in these fun and intensive writing courses that cover foundation skills and advanced writing techniques.

Each course can be tailored to your needs and can include pre- and post-work for making certain the skills “stick.” Also, each course includes learning games and energy boosters to enhance the participant’s experience. 

Recommended course length: One to five days.

Back to Basics: A Grammar and Punctuation Review
Strengthen your writing foundation with this grammar and punctuation review. This in-depth course guides participants through the parts of speech, troublesome punctuation, verb tenses and usage, active versus passive voice, and subject-verb agreement.

Basic Writing Skills
An excellent follow-on to “Back to Basics,” this course takes participants through the basics of writing: using topic sentences, organizing paragraphs, outlining, using brevity, maintaining parallelism, getting to the point, avoiding passive voice, and writing to your audience.

Business Writing
Letters, reports, memos—if your job involves writing these or other business formats, this is the class for you. In addition to editing and proofreading others’ work, you will develop in-house documents. Participants will work in teams and solo.

Writing Press Releases, Success Stories, and other PR Materials
All writing is not created equal. This course is designed for anyone who has been tasked with writing public relations or marketing materials. Attendees will practice writing PR materials and get an insider’s view of what the media will publish or air—and what they won’t. Learn how to successfully get your work in the press.

Technical Writing
Whether writing for experts or laypeople, technical writing is one of the toughest types of writing. This hands-on course teaches participants how to design, write, and edit technical documents, keeping in mind the most critical person of all: the user.

Action Officer Writing Workshop
This three-day workshop was designed for Army Action Officers, but is appropriate for any organization that requires its employees to clearly communicate in writing. This course begins with a grammar and punctuation review, then quickly moves on to parallelism, subject-verb agreement, editing skills, correcting common usage problems, and writing and editing in-house documents.


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