Meet Wendi Eldh
Wendi E. Eldh - a former weather girl and disc jockey - brings a decade of teaching experience to the classroom. A former journalist and radio/TV broadcaster, Wendi is energetic, enthusiastic and dynamic. She believes training should be fun and challenging, while also providing long-term results. A consistently top-rated trainer (averages 4.9 out of 5 on evaluations), she received the Graduate School, USDA’s, “Faculty Excellence Award,” a prestigious honor given to the top 10 trainers among hundreds nationwide.

Wendi has been a trainer, curricula developer, and editor for the public and private sector for the past 10 years. Her journalism career included the following positions: disc jockey, radio news reporter, TV news reporter for CNN affiliate, Gannett daily newspaper reporter, and editor for a U.S. military magazine in Europe. Wendi also served as the Internal Communications Manager for Merchants National Bank in Germany.


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